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Modern wallcoverings contain aesthetic appeal unmatched by painted surfaces.  Consider painted surfaces in their various states as compared to wallpaper:


a. Flat Color: One room, one color.

b. Accent Wall: One room, one color except for one uniquely colored wall.

c. Textured Paint: Paint containing a media to give it texture.

d. Custom Paint: Mural designs using paint.

e. Faux Finishes: Custom paint designs that add pattern and depth.


While most people are familiar with these major painting techniques, many are uninformed as to their counterparts in wallpaper. As well, few know of the unique features that one can only obtain with wallpaper.


a. Flat Color:  Though not particularly popular, there are single color wallpapers available.

b. Accent Wall: Can be achieved by utilizing wallpaper on one wall.

c. Textured Paint: There are many varieties of textured wallpaper from plain to ornate.

d. Custom Paint: Wallpaper manufacturers have a wide variety of mural wallpaper.

e. Faux Finishes: Most popular faux finishes have their wallpaper counterparts.

f. Historic Aspect: Imagine a Victorian style house without wallpaper.

g. Digital: Computer generated designs custom printed onto wallpaper.

h. Photographic: Consider creating custom wallpaper using family photos.

i. Bridging Material: Using this special blank wallpaper, one can eliminate the costly and messy removal and repair of an unattractive textured or damaged wall surface.

j. Faux Surface: Applying an expanded texture wallpaper followed by paint is a way to replicate the look of an expensive tin ceiling or intricate molding with a greatly reduced cost.

k. Natural Surface: Discover the luxury of natural fibers as jute, grass cloth, or bamboo among others.

l. Fabric Walls: Cover your walls with your favorite fabric.  Fabric may be hung as it comes off the bolt or backed and coated for increased durability as a true wallcovering.

m. Wood Surfaces: The application of wood veneer wallcovering in a variety of species adds formality at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wood paneling.

n. Consider the use of the following specialized wallcoverings:  leather, cork, metallic or organic, magnetic, deodorizing and even ones that glow in the dark.

Why Wallpaper ?

Aesthetic Appeal

While few people would debate the aesthetic excellence of wallcoverings over paint, some might be surprised to learn that, over time, vinyl wallcoverings are also a wise economical choice. According to the latest Hite Report, developed for The Bell Systems by Jim Hite, lifecycle analysis shows that wallcoverings now last five times longer than paint, under normal usage conditions. Most vinyl wallcoverings can retain their original beauty and performance characteristics for at least 15 years, whereas a painted surface must be cleaned more frequently to maintain its appearance, and generally requires repainting approximately every three years.



Paint vs. Wallpaper Cost by Canada Wallcovering Corporation

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