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Professionalism & Ethics

There is no substitute for professionalism and ethics when dealing with clients - common sense tells us that.


It is this professionalism and ethical conduct that gives certain contractors a competitive edge over others that fail to act like professionals.


When you have a written code of conduct that you present to your clients, and the client sees that you are in fact acting in accordance with that code, then there is a foundation for trust established. Satisfied customers become loyal customers that recommend your company to neighbors and friends.


Professional wallcovering and painting contractors:


- Treat customers with respect, being courteous and at all times law abiding.


- Enter into contracts for work they know they are qualified to perform, and stand behind their work, offering warranties.


- Are honest and straightforward with their clients, submitting reasonable proposals and answering all questions pertaining to those proposals.


- Communicate with clients, following up with any concerns or questions and responding quickly to any problems.


_ Ensure daily clean up of the job site and daily safety inspection before departing from the job site each day.


- Promote safety and recognize that everyone's health and safety are of paramount concern.


- Encourage proper dress and professional behavior, including refraining from the use of profanity on job sites and assuring a drug / alcohol free job site.


- Always strive to better service customers and promote professionalism and ethical behavior in every facet of their daily operations.